Four Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards is the leading international creative awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals. This is an annual competition honoring the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations, and identity work for print, video, interactive and audio. This year our Multimedia designers brought home FOUR Communicator Awards for design work recognized by The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, they include:

  • Award of Excellence – RDG Annual Open House – Collateral Special Event
  • Award of Distinction – City of Clive Master Plan – Collateral Book
  • Award of Distinction – Des Moines University Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics – Corporate Identity Other
  • Award of Distinction – Windsor Heights Comprehensive Plan & Branding – Print Campaign Promotional Branding


Annual Open House Invitation – Award of Excellence – Collateral Special Event

Our annual client appreciation open house invitation and event carries with it a long history and fun tradition of creativeness, collaboration and a high level of design.  Themed differently every year, by a different team of staff members, this year we expanded on the concept of “pixels”.  By definition, the pixel (a word invented from “picture element”) is the basic unit of programmable color on a computer display or in a computer image, which we decided to have some fun with. We took the basic concept of a pixel and incorporated into our invitation at small scale using our staff photos, then carried it large scale by using post-it-notes as pixels to create a much larger mural for our show room windows for the event.

The City of Clive Master Plan – Award of Distinction – Collateral Book

The City of Clive brand was studied and assessed in detail before the final brand of the Clive Greenbelt Master Plan was put into play. Borrowing fonts used by the city and adding additional colors to provide punch, this Master Plan is brought to life. Heavily grounded in the tagline, Distinct by Nature, this brand will be recognizable long after the Master Plan has been completed. The icons developed are reminders of artwork that will be constructed along the Greenbelt trail and speak to the different sections of the trail.

Des Moines University Way-finding and Environmental Graphics – Award of Distinction – Corporate Identity

RDG assisted Des Moines University in developing a way-finding program to be incorporated throughout the campus. Custom interior signage was created for four buildings which included classrooms, student areas and staff support as well as a 10-story medical clinic. Our graphic and interior designers worked together to form a comprehensive solution that included signage, way-finding graphics and interior finish augmentation. The result is a cohesive system to help direct both visitors and students to their destinations.

Windsor Heights Comprehensive Plan & Branding – Award of Distinction – Print Campaign Promotional Branding

The development of the Windsor Heights Comprehensive Plan brand went well beyond the look — our graphic designers also assisted in brainstorming the name of the plan. Destination – Windsor Heights, was chosen to convey that this is a place to slow down, not just to avoid getting a traffic ticket but a place you’ll want to stop in. A brand that is strong for two main reasons: the fonts utilized in the logo tie the plan to the city; and the color palette suggests a dynamic city that is embracing a younger population and will develop sustainable practices that push the bar.

People are visual. And nothing communicates a message, a feeling or an identity like graphic and multimedia design. Whether you need to engage or energize, explain or guide, our in-house talent will add dimension to your project.

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