Demonstrated Leadership – RDG Welcomes New Principals

We recently had the pleasure of elevating and recognizing key individuals; great people making an investment in the future of our firm. They include advancements in ownership with twenty new stockholders, nine new partners, one new senior partner and three new principals.  Please meet our newest principals, (left to right), Justin Platts, Amy Haase, and Scott Crawford, who join our current leadership team. These individuals possess the expertise and the dedication to clients that enable our continued success.

G. W. Justin Platts, PLA, ASLA | Landscape Architect

“A great place comes from a great process; one founded upon the intense and consistent involvement of owners and stakeholders in the development of their communities. When these people are involved from day one, they are more likely to champion the effort into the future; the vision is more likely to be realized; it is more likely to succeed. It will be meaningful.”

In Justin’s 16 years as a landscape architect, he has been driven by his aspirations to help people and communities build capacity and create meaning together. To create places of significance. Justin believes that a design process that values people will result in a design product that people value.

A notable project in Justin’s career is the Federal Avenue Streetscape in Mason City, Iowa because of the inclusive process that was engaged.  “So many people from the community contributed to it and each person added value in some way.  To me, Federal Avenue is imbued with that collective value and I see it in every detail.  It’s an important transformation for the downtown community, people are using it, and it’s full of life.”


Amy A. Haase, AICP | Community Planner

“I’m honored to be part of the team leading such an unbelievable group of talented and diverse individuals. We are all part of an organization that cares so much about our people, our community, and the communities we work in, and I’m blessed to be able to pursue my passion of helping others achieve success in so many different ways.”

Over her 18-year career, Amy has been driven by a passion to help create places of meaning for all residents. Certified as both planner and public facilitator, her work enriching and improving neighborhoods and communities collaboratively with their citizens has tied directly into her expertise in community development.

As project manager of the Tall City Tomorrow project in Midland, Texas, Amy helped lead and implement highly-inclusive community engagement strategies to create a plan tailored to Midland’s dynamic character. In its century-long history, Midland has grown from an oil town of 1,500 residents to a regional metropolis of 130,000. Residents, community leaders, and planners closely examined resources, housing choices, economic sustainability, quality of place, transportation options, and multi-purpose infrastructure to create a solid and realistic vision for the community.


Scott Crawford, PLA, ASLA | Landscape Architect

“I strongly believe our individuals and culture position RDG to positively impact people and places – and create meaning together. I am committed to leveraging our talents together with the passion of our clients to improve the health of people, community, and nature.”

Scott joined RDG in 2002 and has been instrumental in growing several of our market sectors. He is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and passionate about our people designing, enhancing, and protecting spaces for improved health of people, community, and nature.

Scott lead a planning process inclusive of Moore Oklahoma citizens, stakeholders, elected officials, and City staff to develop a long-range master plan for the new 51-acre Moore Central Park, prioritized to meet the needs of a growing community. Just as planning for the park commenced in 2013, the City of Moore was impacted by an F5 tornado that resulted in loss of life, destroyed neighborhoods, schools, a hospital, and left a path of destruction that traversed the Park property. Moore Central Park, now constructed, has become a symbol of the strength and resiliency of the Moore community.



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