RDG Welcomes Katja Rinderspacher For Events

We are proud to host Katja Rinderspacher as a guest speaker for several workshops during the month of September!

Katja is a Research Associate and the ITECH M.Sc. Program Coordinator at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction. She is a registered architect in Germany and holds a Masters of Architecture degree with honors from Pratt Institute, New York and a diploma-engineering degree from Fachhochschule Mainz, Germany. She received various scholarships for her academic work (e.g. Fulbright Scholarship, DAAD) and has been awarded a Landesgraduierten-Scholarship for her doctoral thesis. Prior to joining the ICD, Katja gained professional experience as an architect and project manager in offices in New York, Switzerland and Germany, including Studio Daniel Libeskind, where she was involved in the design and development of architectural concepts and the construction and realization of projects all over the world. Her research interests include the integration of erosion-based processes into the computational design and digital fabrication of complex architectural structures.

Katja will be sharing an alternative approach to architecture and fabrication, which investigates the integrative use of these technological advancements in an interdisciplinary, research-oriented and experiment-based framework. The analytical analysis in computational design, seek to challenge current techniques, methods and theories of design, engineering and construction, resulting in a novel model for the design and construction systems. Join us for the following events below.

September 26 – University of Nebraska Lincoln
12-1pm in Architecture Hall (Room 127)

September 27 – Iowa State University
2-3pm at Design 181

Learn more about Katja at http://icd.uni-stuttgart.de/?page_id=17788.

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