RDG in the Media: Changing Attitudes Toward Office Design

In an interview with Des Moines’ Cityview Magazine, RDG’s Collin Barnes, IIDA, LEED AP discusses how ideas about what makes an office space productive have evolved and adapted amid the global pandemic.

2020 saw local business leaders scrambling to situate employees to work remotely, and, as the months passed, they began to revision the future of their workforce and their office spaces. Confidence in remote practice as a productive alternative to in-office work has increased, but employers and employees have discovered that the importance of the office space isn’t simply to provide a place to work.

As business leaders consider the use of space, they’re asking, “What is really necessary when it comes to the office? What activities can’t be replaced?” RDG Senior Partner and Interior Designer Collin Barnes, IIDA, LEED AP discusses how a focus on what activities are most important in the office is driving a change in attitude toward the office itself.

Click to read the full article featuring Cityview’s interview with Barnes on the changing attitudes toward office design.

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