RDG in the Media: Parks Going Green, Sustaining Momentum

In an interview with Recreation Management Magazine, RDG’s Colt McDermott, ASLA, LEED® GA discusses how park design can adapt to a post-COVID world and emphasize sustainability and inclusion.

The past year has solidified the critical role parks play in supporting healthy activity, peace of mind and opportunities for beneficial social contact even amid a global pandemic. At the same time, the crisis has put a crunch on local budgets that may have long-term consequences for parks departments. In this environment, parks departments have an opportunity to step up and contribute even more to the health and success of their communities. Through new park approaches that adapt to the needs and realities of a post-COVID world and emphasize sustainability and inclusion, park designers are creating spaces that will serve more people, more effectively, well into the future.

In response to COVID-19, parks have become more critical than ever to people wanting to maintain social distancing, go outside, get a workout in or just spend some time in nature. In the latest issue of Recreation Management Magazine, RDG Planning & Design’s Colt McDermott, ASLA, LEED® GA discusses the ways park design can respond to the evolving needs of post-pandemic life, and create spaces that are equitable, flexible and sustainable.

Click to read the full article featuring McDermott’s interview on the future park design.

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