RDG in the Media: Architectural Dreams Lead to Design Direction

RDG’s John Sova, AIA speaks with Omaha Magazine about the importance of cultivating the next generation of design professionals.

Wealthy, powerful, artistic. It’s a career combination that’s attractive for many high school students trying to figure out their next step in that all-important journey called life. The reality, however, is that the field involves more than drawing buildings all day. Even before entering the bachelor’s degree program for architecture at Iowa State University, students are recommended to take trigonometry, physics and studio art classes in high school. Despite what some may see as the challenging STEM-heavy components of architecture, the field continues to grow and has become an increasingly competitive job market for newly graduated applicants.

In an interview with Omaha Magazine, RDG Principal John Sova, AIA reflects on the importance of architecture, his 40+ year career as an architect and why it’s critical to cultivate the next generation of design professionals.

Click to read the full article featuring Sova’s interview on how architectural dreams can lead to design direction.

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