RDG in the Media: Landscape Trends That Are Making a Difference

In an interview with Recreation Management Magazine, RDG’s Jason Blome, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP discusses the increasing popularity of outdoor socialization and recreation spaces.

Throughout 2020, necessity forced the world to creatively adapt, adjust and address better ways of using landscaped spaces in ways that improve the health of society and the health of our environment. Of all the trends that arose out of this necessity, one of the biggest to emerge was a demand for more functional outdoor sites. The public’s newfound public appreciation for nature and all the benefits that come with experiencing it (including mental health benefits) drove people to look to outdoor activities as a way to escape the confines of their homes during phases of lockdown.

As a result of this shift, universities and sports facilities across the country moved what were traditionally indoor sports and classrooms outdoors. In the latest issue of Recreation Management Magazine, RDG Planning & Design’s Jason Blome, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP discusses the increasing popularity of these outdoor socialization and recreation spaces, and the ways these spaces can be adapted for our new post-COVID normal.

Click to read the full article featuring Blome’s interview on landscape trends that are making a difference.

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