RDG In the Media: A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Design

RDG Principal Jack Patton, AIA, LEED AP discusses how to create a holistic approach to sustainable sports and recreation facility design in his latest article for Athletic Business.

Like elite athletes, sports and recreation facilities run best when properly tuned. Sustainability initiatives in 2021 are as rooted in the concept of total wellness as they are in lifecycle cost analysis, and a holistic approach to the proper design and operation of these facilities must be considered standard contemporary practice.

High sustainability begins with proper orientation to the sun, wind and other environmental resources, while considering regional climate and how it can be brought to bear on the facility. From the earliest stages of planning and design, ongoing attention must be paid to heating, cooling, power and how efficient fuels and services can potentially best meet the facility’s needs.

Even though sustainable design steps aren’t always small or particularly easy, when combined with a well-engineered building, each will bring years of energy-efficient operation and can dramatically reduce negative impacts on the greater environment.

Click to read more on the topic of a holistic approach to sustainable design from RDG Principal Jack Patton, AIA, LEED AP in Athletic Business.

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