Experiential Graphic Designer
Experiential Design

Mindy is a true believer that every narrative deserves to be told and that experiential and graphic design are a big part of that storytelling. 

With a span of over two decades of experience and dozens of awards to her credit, Mindy has the ability to connect with the social, cultural and emotional importance of a project in order to tell the story in a specific and dynamic way. She regularly collaborates with other designers within the built environment, alongside agency and corporate clientele, and print and production vendors. Whether she is creating a logo, brand guidelines, infographics, an interactive donor wall or a complete wayfinding and signage system, Mindy impresses clients with her creativity, thoroughness and professionalism.      

Mindy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Grand View University and is a market leader and partner at RDG. A steward for education and those with disabilities, Mindy enjoys teaching, learning, and engaging to create inclusive spaces for all.