What does it mean to preserve the past to create a better future? For us, it means discovering new approaches to maintaining or revitalizing historic buildings and districts for future generations. Whether your project strives for a strict interpretation or aims to strike a balance with modern elements, we'll work with you to understand how to preserve and rehabilitate a space so it can be enjoyed and used for years to come.

We're dedicated to providing quality design that both celebrates and respects the past and creates a statement that future generations can appreciate. Some projects aim for a literal interpretation and restoration of historic materials, finishes and spaces; others balance this approach with the provision of modern amenities, enhancements for accessibility and safety and planning for future adaptations. Successful restoration and rehabilitation projects serve user needs, resulting in a well-maintained historic building.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with various periods, including which construction style and materials were employed during a specific time. With every project, we start by creating a baseline of information for the building and develop a thorough understanding of the original design, which helps reveal opportunities for adding new interior and exterior design elements. 

To determine the life cycle of architectural elements, we conduct condition assessment surveys for the existing building envelope and interior. Leveraging a broad range of analytical and testing services, we can characterize building materials and diagnose causes of deterioration. We employ a combination of laboratory and fieldwork and regularly investigate any masonry, mortars, plasters, surface finishes, wood, metals and moisture issues. And we partner with local and state historic preservation authorities to ensure applicable standards are met.

Throughout our process, we work closely with clients to integrate key historical information within the project goals to set realistic expectations and timelines. Our end goal is to design a project that celebrates the diverse heritage of our country’s cities and states and serves as a unique celebration that respects the past, fits the needs of current users and creates a statement for future generations.

Market Leader
Scotney Fenton