It takes a team that is versed in the next generation of instruction and learning techniques to design cutting-edge, flexible, collaborative college and university facilities and campuses that prepare the next cohort of learners. We partner with clients to develop educational spaces that push the boundaries of the traditional campus and expand concepts of learning environments to stimulate new ideas, foster intellectual growth and enable education through immersive encounters.

We are a national leader in the design of college and university campuses and facilities. With an extensive portfolio of public and private educational facilities, we've established a reputation for planning and designing creative, technology-rich spaces that recruit the best teachers, staff and students. We have a comprehensive background working alongside students, department heads, administrations and donors and our team brings a diverse skill set to each project. We build lasting client relationships and provide a fresh approach to academic programming and design.


A campus plan creates a vision for the collection of facilities and open spaces that make up a college or university. Our team of design and planning practitioners can help define the future of a campus and build upon each institution's mission, vision and values. There's a key connection between the quality of the environment and the quality-of-life students, faculty, staff and visitors experience on campus, and our thoughtful campus planning presents an opportunity to create healthy, thriving environments that enhance campuses and communities for many years to come.


Campus facilities and their surrounding open and enclosed spaces create the story of the campus's history, spirit and image. Open space is the framework that considers and respects the natural features of the site and ties all the elements of a campus together. The experience of these open spaces - when individuals walk from class to class, for example - has just as much of an impact on the perceived quality of an institution as the experience of inside a building. To us, an essential measure of the quality of student life includes the feelings the campus environment itself creates.


Campus living and amenities play a dominant role in student recruitment and retention. Diverse student-life amenities are key to the success of all aspects of classrooms, libraries, student unions, housing and multi-use buildings. Our team works with students during the design process by listening to their input and offering new development concepts to create or improve pedestrian-friendly environments and easily accessible commuter opportunities.


Our team creates environments that stimulate new ideas, foster intellectual growth and encourage students, faculty and researchers to learn, instruct and develop creative solutions. Through immersive and experiential encounters, we design one-of-a-kind spaces for learning and thought development. Our team's experience with the design of health science, laboratory and research facilities and STEM, combined with knowledge of emerging design trends, provides a platform for success. We recognize that a successfully designed science and technology facility can catalyze the role colleges and universities play in driving economic development, ultimately leading to the creation of nationally recognized health science and science-based programs.

Health Science Education

Our Health Science Education team creates environments that support cutting-edge experiential learning and research. Our expertise includes developing simulation labs that model healthcare trends and create education spaces that break down silos among healthcare professionals. 

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