No two healthcare projects are alike: each specialty has its own needs, and each client their own culture. Our collaborative approach to healthcare design brings together the right team who will present creative solutions to prioritize the patient experience, offer comfort to caregivers and support the efficiency and well-being of staff. 

Effective healthcare design encompasses a unique blend of technical knowledge, creativity and empathy. Because we've developed long-term, trusted relationships with numerous clients across the country, we understand the complexity, uniqueness and specialization needed for each facility we design. Your project may require laboratory expertise, biosafety specialization, health-enhancing lighting, imaging or radiology technology or particular knowledge of specialty clinical spaces or operating rooms. We build teams based on the specific needs of a project, assembling a group of knowledgeable designers, planners and partners who can address each need.

We start by engaging with key stakeholders to understand what's most important so we can design to address those needs. This collaborative approach involves listening closely and soliciting input from everyone who will use the space as we work to build consensus and set meaningful goals. From these listening sessions, we'll work with you to envision a design that reflects the unique needs of the project and begin the work of creating functional, accessible spaces that support positive patient outcomes and that can also flex and adapt to integrate changing technologies.

As we plan and program healthcare facilities, we often make use of a tool the healthcare industry knows well: Lean. By adopting Lean principles and processes into the design process, we're able to communicate seamlessly to solve problems and make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Our people-centered approach prioritizes every facet of healing – from patient and caregiver needs to the health and well-being of providers and staff. With every design, we seek to create welcoming environments that nurture the body and spirit and ultimately enhance the healthcare experience.

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Nate Gieselman
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