We design welcoming, sustainable multifamily housing environments that not only meet the needs of residents but also reflect the unique character of each locality. With every project, we strive to elevate the standard of living and offer design solutions that add value to the clients and communities we serve.

We never forget we’re designing a place people will call home.

A multifamily community should match the vigor, pride and vibrancy of its people, its history and its future. We understand that to successfully design these spaces, we need to balance the needs of individual residents with the overall community, and so our interactive process engages the client, the developer, community members and potential residents to capture diverse feedback and ensure representation from key stakeholders. 

We focus on creating buildings that enhance the quality of life and add value to the communities where we all live, work, and play. We're right at home in the multifamily housing environment and can support your project from the master planning phases through design and construction.

Whether it's a suburban multifamily development, high-rise condominium building or collection of row houses, historic preservation, adaptive reuse, new construction or mixed-use project, we have experience in multiple building types and so we understand the nuances of multifamily design. These environments should be functional, livable and attractive spaces for residents that also take into consideration factors such as zoning, building codes and the needs of specific markets. We work closely with clients to move projects forward efficiently and effectively.

At its heart, our multifamily design practice is about creating living environments that market well, function efficiently and support the health and well-being of residents. With broad-scope planning, intelligent budgeting and creative design, together we can create a meaningful place that people will love.

Our commitment to elevating community vitality though architecture and economic development has never been stronger. Multifamily projects can define a neighborhood, breathe new life into a disused building and even revitalize a community by preserving the structures that comprise its built environment. While providing desperately needed housing units, mixed-use projects frequently combat urban sprawl, fulfill a variety of needs within the neighborhood, and enliven active communities.

Matt Coen