When you join the RDG team, you’re joining a group of forward-thinking, positive-minded collaborators who create meaning together every day. Scroll through to view our current openings, learn about our benefits and see what it means to own a piece of the rock.

Why Work With Us?

The tallest human pyramid was 39 feet high. We’re not looking to break that record, but we do think a human pyramid is a great way to talk about what it’s like to work at RDG. 

Our organization is built on the idea that we’re better when we support each other and when we work together for the greater good.

With six locations, more than 200 employees, and work in 48 states, we have the resources of a large, national firm. But that doesn’t mean we treat you like a number. 

We believe in supporting and encouraging our employees, focusing on mentorship and professional development that’s tailored to you and your goals.

Wanna know what it's REALLY like to work at RDG? Watch our 2022 Design Friday highlight reel, a video that captures the magic of what happens when we come together to ponder the truly big questions in life, such as: "What if design smelled like chocolate?"
Benefits at RDG

Health Benefits

From competitive pay to premium health benefits to 401K matching, we hire the best and we offer the best.

Employee Ownership

It’s not faster than a speeding bullet, but our path to employee ownership is faster than most firms we know.

Strengths-Based Workplace

Each person’s talent DNA is made up of a unique set of strengths. We help you discover these talents so you can succeed and grow.

Wellness and Sustainability

Sustainability, healthy living and fun aren’t just three of our cultural lifestyles - they’re woven into the very fabric of our company culture.

Top Technology

Technology is how we design. While we haven’t reached Skynet-level integration (thank goodness), we’re committed to investing in the best.


Staying connected 24/7 drains both you and your cell phone battery. We offer the flexibility to work when and where you need.

Own a Piece of the Rock

For employees who demonstrate professionalism and commitment to their craft, RDG offers opportunities to become an owner faster than most design firms we know.

Our goal is to grow a company that lives well past those who founded it or even those who lead it today (sounds a little morose, but it’s true). In short, our present is focused on our future by investing in and guiding the next generation of leadership.

Out of 200+ employees
61%  Own Stock

In 2024, 22 people within our company became new stockholders or advanced their ownership levels within the firm. Meet them here.

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