We're all about designing community-centric public spaces where life, work and play happen. Whether it's a bustling retail hub, a collaborative workplace or a lively mixed-use development, we create environments that inspire and enrich, serving our clients well so they can serve theirs.


We understand the complexities companies face today. Evolving employee preferences and a renewed emphasis on flexibility are shifting the way we design the modern workplace. What's more, today's office environment is no longer a place where people come just to work; now, they come to the office to make connections, build relationships and unite in service of shared meaning. This shift in purpose requires us to consider new and innovative design solutions that inform healthier, more robust office environments where culture can thrive, and people feel welcome. 

We help you do your best work. Our approach to workplace design considers how the space itself influences how the people in it work. We understand that if employers want to create an office where employees want to be – especially in a competitive talent market – they need to have a partner who can help them understand employee expectations. Our team's decades of experience designing for companies both big and small means we work with you to design a space that benefits employees and in turn leads to a more productive team with increased retention.

Retail & Hospitality

Design for retail and hospitality spaces should blend art, science and creativity to create unique environments that appeal to customers and guests. Whether it's a new restaurant, a hotel or an entertainment venue, we work with you to design bold, forward-thinking spaces that create buzz and excitement. 

Our process includes close collaboration with you as we seek to create environments that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and memorable, and that also reflects your business's distinctive brand identity. We take an intentional interdisciplinary approach to home in on the unique needs and expectations of your project and leverage a deep-dive programming approach to develop a solution that will meet your expectations now and into the future.


Well-designed mixed-use properties balance the needs of multiple stakeholders, from residents to business owners to visitors. Our team offers thoughtfully crafted turn-key design services that deliver seamless integration between the various uses and create a sense of connectivity and community. We work closely with clients to understand their vision and create a cohesive design plan that serves each different functionality and enhances the overall fabric of the locality. 

Designing for a mixed-use property can come with complexities and our team understands what's needed to navigate community buy-in. Whatever your project requires - whether it's planning, finance models, architecture and interior design, tenant improvement fit-outs or FF&E - our passion for reinvesting in our communities empowers us to bring meaning and vitality to designs that provide a sense of place for all who occupy them.

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