First National
Bank Valley

First National Bank
West Des Moines, IA
Completion date
June 2022

First National Bank, which has long been a staple of Valley Junction in Des Moines, Iowa, partnered with RDG to design a new, modern branch office on a prominent corner across the street from the bank's original 1900s location. 

RDG's design helps address the need for access to inclusive and reliable services. The neighborhood's diverse population influenced the bank's desire to prioritize in-person, face-to-face connections with customers, and though the bank offers modern amenities such as interactive video banking and drive-through, it was adamant that there also be lobby services available for customers and that the space should be welcoming and accessible. In response, RDG's design creates a sense of openness and access through features like floor-to-ceiling windows, well-lit internal and external spaces and an inviting entry area that also offers pedestrians a spot to stop and rest. Designers took inspiration from the mid-century modern style of several surrounding buildings in this thriving commercial district and from the bank's commitment to maximizing access to its services at a pedestrian scale.

The indirect lighting on the bank’s ceiling creates the internal transparency that the architect and client wanted from the building.
Perimeter lighting is carefully integrated within the architectural soffit and is semi-camouflaged by mounting to the exterior mullions of the building. The result is a relatively uniformly lit ceiling.
Staff areas enjoy large quantities of daylight and views to the downtown area. Small scale decorative pendants provide illumination onto the table without compromising views to the exterior.
Integrated downlights into the building’s soffits provide a well lit perimeter in compliance with safety and security standards for a financial institution.