For centuries, people have been using visuals to enhance spaces and tell stories. That's what we do as experiential designers: we transform spaces to evoke emotion and create an immersive experience that connects people on a deeper level. 

Our holistic approach to design considers every aspect of the space and is intentionally crafted to create a cohesive, immersive experience rooted in storytelling. No matter what medium works best for your project - your story and brand will be seamlessly woven into the built environment. 


When we engage with clients to develop graphics, signage and wayfinding, branded environments or videography, our first step is to gain an understanding of each client's wants, needs and brand personality. From there, we work with you to define the goals of the project and how we can meaningfully impact the intended audience. This is achieved through comprehensive needs assessments and discovery workshops with you and your key stakeholders. 


With a deep understanding of the project approach, we engage in rigorous brainstorming sessions and together we imagine what could be, developing a program responsive to the needs, desires and behaviors of your intended audience. Then comes the rollout – designing, testing and iterating - employing a variety of elements like space, lighting, sound, color and technology to create a cohesive and impactful space that leaves a lasting impression. 


We do our best storytelling through graphic design, branding, interactive and videography work. Whether developing wayfinding and signage, creating immersive, three-dimensional graphics, producing a video or composing donor or history walls, we work with you to transform functional spaces into placemaking environments that evoke emotions and are memorable. 

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Mindy Alvarez
Experiential Graphic Designer
Experiential Design
Experiential Design