Montana State

Montana State University
Bozeman, MT

The Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center has been remodeled and expanded to create a comprehensive wellness center that houses various departments across campus. The recreational sports amenities now include a new gym, fitness area, climbing and bouldering facilities, a hybrid pool, remodeled group exercise spaces, locker rooms, and office functions. University Health Partners offers medical, dental, pharmacy, counseling, and health advancement services. 

The Health and Human Development department has provided new lab and office spaces. Additionally, a central student commons area has been established to unite all the building partners into one cohesive model, making this a convenient one-stop shop for wellness on campus. 

In the spring of 2019, three primary gymnasium spaces at the Fitness Center were damaged beyond repair when the roofs collapsed under a heavy snow load. Thankfully, no one was injured during this middle-of-the-night structural failure, but the functional and programmatic impact of losing this space was significant.

Following necessary forensic work, the impacted areas at the Fitness Center were cleaned up and the area around it made safe. Temporary replacement facilities (air supported structures creating multiple gymnasium replacement courts) were immediately commissioned, procured and opened. Approximately five months later, following selected renovation, the remaining portions of the Fitness Center were reopened for use.

In September 2019, the design team began the process to develop the new Welcome Center. The outcome of this work is positioned to become the facility MSU has envisioned. A dynamic future is in store for the campus and the Center can help lead the charge.

Over the Fall of 2019 and Winter of 2020, the selection committee appointed by the University and the State of Montana selected the design team of MMW Architects, in association with RDG Planning & Design, to provide Professional Services for the planning and design of the Wellness Center. The purpose of the project is to create a best-of-class fitness and wellness facility to serve MSU into the year 2040 and beyond.

Exterior at Main Entrance
Wellness Center Exterior - Recreational Sports & Fitness spaces
Wellness Center Exterior - University Health Partners spaces