Together, we design and enhance resilient spaces to improve the health of people, communities and environments.

Parks connect us to the natural environment, provide pathways to and through communities and are a catalyst for adventure and learning. We believe parks and open spaces are for everyone and should be designed to be inclusive, welcoming and available to all. That's why we're committed to immersing ourselves in your team and community to listen closely and design spaces that reflect your unique needs and desires. We take a conservation-driven approach to design, balancing applications and design forms to create beautiful, functional spaces that work with nature, not against it.  

Our Approach and Process

We've created parks and open spaces in small communities, rural areas and large cities, designing these spaces for year-round enjoyment, with flexibility, adaptability and programmability for all seasons. No matter the size or scope of the project, our design process starts with research as we seek to understand an area's natural features and cultural heritage and identify any constraints or opportunities for development. 

From there, we utilize robust, equity-focused community engagement strategies, leveraging public meetings, surveys and other forms of outreach to gather input and feedback. These community engagement sessions help us identify and prioritize short- and long-term goals and objectives for a project or plan. Each engagement activity is an opportunity to listen, learn and get to know what makes a place special.

Our process involves vigorous site assessment to understand a location's physical and environmental characteristics, such as topography, vegetation, soil conditions and access to utilities. We gather information on the site's context and then develop a concept plan that outlines the park or open space's layout, circulation patterns, activity zones and key features. 

Our Team

As a design partner, we bring expertise that crosses multiple disciplines and allows us to serve you well throughout the life of a project - from the initial concept phase to the official ribbon cutting. Our team is made up of life-long learners who are passionate outdoor enthusiasts. We understand both operations and the life cycle of parks, and we know how to get them built (and built well). You get it, we're park people, and we'll focus on everything within the big picture, down to the little details, to help your project be successful. 

Let's work together to define the vision and make a place that reflects your community. Our team is excited to use our knowledge and expertise to create a park that is inclusive, welcoming, and available to everyone.

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