With every design, we aim to create safe, inviting spaces that encourage play, exploration and learning for students of every age. Together, we’ll create educational environments that support social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development and set children and their families up for future success.

When students are engaged by their surroundings, learning happens everywhere. 

We approach early education design as “learning through play.” Play has a vital role in early childhood development - it's how children develop relationships, develop coordination and tap into creativity. Children make sense of the world around them through exploring and interacting. They develop social and cognitive skills and gain self-confidence through new experiences and encounters with peers. 

In these early years, children also begin to develop a sense of place and belonging in the world around them. They grow, learn and discover by exploring environments. Making thoughtful design choices about the physical space of a classroom or school creates opportunities for children to experience and connect with an environment that is inviting, and provides provocations and comforts, all while helping children establish their boundaries.  

As children get older, the spaces in which they learn should adapt to their changing needs. Our approach to designing K-12 educational spaces considers how the environment can support 21st-century learning and inspire students to create, collaborate and grow. We seek to design technology-rich spaces that encourage exploration, and that can flex and adapt alongside shifts in instructional practice - all while being mindful of the established budget. 

By creating safe and nurturing spaces, we can enhance the experience students have with their environment and with each other, and further support social and emotional development to establish a sense of belonging. Whether we're designing an environment for the earliest learners, or a space where students are preparing for life beyond school, our team will develop an energetic, imaginative process that nurtures creativity and values the opinions and perspectives of diverse stakeholders. We'll work with you to look beyond a building's architecture and consider how the space we create can nurture learning for all ages, all people and all abilities. 

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Ed Buglewicz
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