Early Learning
Center at

Buffett Early Childhood Fund
Omaha, NE
Completion date
January 2016

Encompassing 26,000 SF of educational and support spaces, the Early Learning Center at Skinner Elementary features flexible classrooms and multipurpose indoor and outdoor play areas. 

Omaha Early Learning Center provides outcomes-based education for at-risk parents and their children. As an organization committed to helping learners from birth to age 3 grow up safe, healthy and eager to learn, Omaha Early Learning Center looked to RDG to design a space that could support concurrent delivery of both education and community care. Transparency in the design allows for continual observation of the young students, while the building's clerestory corridors bring in abundant natural light, creating strong connections to the outdoors. RDG's design also incorporates administrative and consultation areas to support the center's parent education programs, and lounge and resource spaces for educators. 

e Early Learning Center at Skinner Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska. Photos by Tom Kessler.
Natural light penetrates from above into the hallways to the classrooms.
Connecting large gross motor space with the natural surroundings.
Exterior and interior spaces connecting with the community.
Outdoor spaces to engage exploratory, social and gross motor activities.
Citation of Excellence
Learning By Design Magazine
Architecture Merit Award
American Institute of Architects