of West DuPage

West Chicago, IL
4 acres
Completion date
July 2012

The Educare of West DuPage project repurposes a surburban infill site referencing the adjacent park, residential neighborhood and the rich heritage of the train in this historic community. 

The building works to connect the classrooms to daylight and to nature through high clerestory windows and vision windows sized just right for children and adults, with views of the natural playgrounds, water treatment pond and native plantings in bioswales. Ample classroom space with cost efficient detailing for less critical spaces let the team put energy into creating great spaces for children and their families that will stand up to the wear only four-year-olds can deliver.  Every family that walks through the door of Educare West DuPage feels welcome and at home immediately while the building still provides a safe environment that allows controlled access to critical spaces in a transparent way.