Iowa Welcome

Harrison County Conservation Board
Missouri Valley, IA
11 acres
Completion date
October 2011

Six interpretive bollards mark the 1-mile walking trail through native prairie, and graphic elements inside and outside the Welcome Center celebrate the Lincoln Highway and the Loess Hills. 

The bollards are illuminated and contain graphics that relate to elements in an interpretive video created for the Welcome Center. Visitors to the Welcome Center will first view the video and then be able to experience the Loess Hills of Iowa via the walking trail west of the building. Visitors will also be able to relate elements seen in the video to the same scenes portrayed in six interpretive bollards along the trail. Large, dynamic interpretive signs and graphics educate visitors and showcase significant landmarks of Harrison County. The Lincoln Highway panel describes the historical impact of the road on the nation, and how it led to the intricate interstate system that we have today. The Loess Hills graphics educate the public about the vast plant and animal species that have created a habitat within these hills.   Strategically located to seize views of the transportation corridor including the Lincoln Highway and railroad, the outside artwork speaks to the main story line of the history of the Lincoln Highway, crossing 13 states in 3389 miles, established in 1913. Functional railing sections serve as sculptural signage and a marker element on the site. 

A detailed closeup of the bollard art with stone steps in background
Stone benches, lit bollards along the paved trail at dusk
Stone benches, lit bollards along the paved trail at night
Stone benches and bollards along the paved hiking/walking trail
Winding and hilly gravel walking trail
Stone benches and light bollard along the paved trail
Flowers along the stone steps of the crushed gravel walking trail
Honor Award in Communication
ASLA Central States