Bondurant City
Park Master

City of Bondurant
Bondurant, IA
2 acres
Completion date
August 2021

Bondurant's City Park Master Plan provides a creative and clear development approach that balances current programming with future community needs. 

As one of the focal properties in the city's park system, Bondurant City Park is envisioned to be a catalyst for multi-generational recreation and a hub for large social gatherings during all seasons. Largely guided by an inclusive public engagement process, the enhancements outlined in the Master Plan include amenities that were consistently requested by passionate community members. The park vision aims to support and retain current residents, draw regional visitors to the park and downtown core and promote public health. 

Illustration of design concepts for Bondurant City Park.
Illustration of design concepts for Bondurant City Park.
RDG lead community engagement session in progress.
Community engagement session in progress.
Rendering of the site master plan for city park.
Urban Design Award
APA Iowa Chapter