Metropolitan Community College

Wayfinding and

Metropolitan Community College
Omaha, NE
Completion date
September 2018

With three newly constructed two- and three-story buildings, Metropolitan Community College needed a coordinated approach to both interior and exterior wayfinding signage . 

Signage was required to meet the interior needs of the three newly constructed two- and three-story buildings. The interior signage was programmed and designed in conjunction with a comprehensive campus-wide pedestrian and vehicle wayfinding signage system for the 73-acre campus. 

To deliver a long-lasting signage program for the campus and interior buildings, RDG completed site assessments and evaluated the College's processes to manage the ongoing maintenance of the proposed sign systems. The engagement of stakeholders, representing the needs of campus users, security, and building administrators was key to RDG creating a signage system to meet the needs of all people traveling by vehicle or foot. The signage will improve a visitor's experience, encourage walking, and is designed to integrate into the campus architecture and brand.