Walnut Creek
Master Plan

Walnut Creek WMA
West Des Moines, IA
53,000 acres
Completion date
June 2016

The Walnut Creek Management Authority (WMA) was created in 2014 as a response to concerns about high bacteria, nitrate, turbidity, flash flooding and stream bank erosion. The WMA received a $123,500 grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to develop the watershed plan in late 2014.

The Walnut Creek Watershed is one of the most quickly urbanizing watersheds in Iowa, encompassing nearly 53,000 acres in Dallas and Polk County. RDG's effort to develop the Walnut Creek Watershed Management Plan addresses EPA's nine elements for watershed planning and focuses on smart-growth principles. It reviews the character of the watershed; identifies key pollutants and their sources; details policies, practices and priorities to employ in urban and rural settings; outlines an outreach and connectivity plan; defines a monitoring plan to determine if implemented efforts are meeting desired goals; and plans for future amendments to the plan based on lessons learned through implementation of the plan. 

Rapid erosion occurring along Upper Walnut Creek.
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Honor Award in Planning & Analysis
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