McFarlin &
Brokke Office

McFarlin & Brokke
Omaha, NE
2,063 SF
Completion date
August 2023

In August 2022, McFarlin & Brokke, PC, an accounting firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, engaged RDG Planning & Design to plan and assist with site selection for a new office space. The project aimed to expand and enhance McFarlin & Brokke's workspace in response to the firm's continued growth and evolving needs. 

Following a collaborative deep dive into their needs, RDG's design team focused on creating a space that would expand and enhance McFarlin & Brokke's workspace, accommodate various work modalities, maximize natural light and outdoor views and provide ample opportunities for collaboration and connection.   

The resulting design, which encompasses 2,063 SF of space, caters to McFarlin & Brokke's immediate spatial needs while deeply resonating with the firm's culture and mission of providing exceptional hospitality to their clients. RDG's design adds four private offices, an open office area, a main lobby, a breakroom and various support spaces throughout. The open office section is strategically placed at the northeast corner of the building, allowing for optimal views and maximizing natural light. 

A centrally located breakroom acts as a bridge between the lobby and the open office, and underscores a commitment to transparency and collaboration, while glass walls foster an environment of hospitality and transparency and create a workspace that feels open and bright.