Werner Enterprises, Inc
Omaha, NE
Completion date
July 2018

Design for the Werner Logistics corporate office utilizes a previously unfinished 21,000 SF space at its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska to create a light, modern and flexible office environment. 

When Werner Enterprises, a leader in transportation and logistics, was looking to update space for its logistics team, the company partnered with RDG to renovate this previously unfinished space. Seeking to move away from the heavily wood-based interiors of its current interiors, Werner's directive was that design for the new space should be light, modern and flexible.  In response, RDG's design for the new space utilizes an architectural demountable wall system to allow for future growth with simple, efficient and cost-effective reconfigurations. The clean, crisp design of demountable wall partitions, which are incorporated into the reception area, private offices, conference rooms and large meeting rooms, uses laminate facias and glass fronts that imply transparency between the brokers and leadership, opening up the lines for communication and collaboration. As a callback back to the trucking industry, the design uses re-purposed truck trailer side panels to create custom-built worktables placed at the center of each team zone. The corrugated metal used throughout simulates shipping containers, while truck trailers break up the large open office floor plan to create a convenience cafe, private phone rooms and secluded seating areas. The design also incorporates high-impact graphics in the reception area to highlight Werner Brokerage offices around the world and environmental glass graphics to reinforce the company's core values. The use of full immersion color in the space stays true to Werner's brand colors: yellow and blue. 

Integrated branding elements read to be ubiquitous in the environment.
Corrugated metal is used to simulate shipping containers while truck trailers break up the large open office floor plan creating a convenience cafe, private phone rooms, and secluded seating areas.
Demountable wall systems allow for flexibility, and agility in how spaces are used and configured.
Truck trailer side panels were repurposed into custom built-in the center of each team zone.