Ricochet Game
& Social Bar

Des Moines, IA
Completion date
December 2021

Ricochet is a game lounge unlike any other in downtown Des Moines. The 10,000 SF space features classic games such as ping pong, foosball, skeeball and a full-service bar. 

Seeking to increase square footage and offer expanded amenities, the owners of Ricochet – one of the first gaming-focused businesses in the Des Moines, Iowa metro – engaged RDG designers to conceive a new location adjacent to the city’s lively Court Avenue Cultural Entertainment District. Prioritizing community-based games over individual-based games, Ricochet is intended to be a space that fosters socialization and camaraderie and instills a sense of warmth and whimsy for its patrons.

To create a feeling of nostalgia, RDG’s design team looked for ways to incorporate found objects into the space: high school gymnasium scoreboards serve as wall art, bowling alley lanes were repurposed to create a custom bar top and poster art installed around the lounge is inspired by memorable pop culture moments. Distressed leather sofas located in the seating areas recall the feeling of hanging out in a garage lounge, while the interior color palette combines the bar’s branded hues (navy and orange/red) with colors from classic games (greens, blues, reds and blacks) to further evoke feelings of familiarity and fun.

Set into this unique and modern interior, RDG's lighting design for the interactive space creates presence and movement throughout to encourage gameplay and fun. The design's visually interesting display can be seen from down Court Avenue and across Cowles Commons, drawing patrons into the space from afar.

Exterior of Ricochet Game Bar and Social Lounge.
Programmable, color mixing PAR lamps provide pops of color and accent perimeter artwork that further defines the cultural aesthetic that the owner wanted to portray.
Interior game space at Ricochet Game Lounge and Social Bar.
Interior lighting changes color; shown in turquoise.
Layered custom square lights are programmable to create a constantly-changing, dynamic effect.
Interior lighting changes color; shown in magenta.
Interior lighting changes color; shown in blue.
Custom bar top is made of salvaged bowling lanes
Modern white light pendants provide necessary lighting levels at gaming surfaces while furnishing additional accent with internal colored gels.