MCL Construction
Omaha, NE
Completion date
April 2020

The new MCL Construction office building strives to activate the senses of the user by pushing valuable spaces to the perimeter, connecting to open exterior spaces, both visually and physically, over multiple topographies. 

The facade actively explores the dialect between building and landscape as solid objects, translucent materials, and occupiable voids resulting in an energetic floor plan arrangement.  The programmatic layout of the lobby and its surrounding programs reflects the idea of collaboration and people.  

These spaces are composed of a series of elements - angular wood slats and pops of brand colors -which reflect the larger site orientation and innovative technologies utilized by MCL's most important resource, people.  The building's arrangement of program and corridors challenge the typical office typology by allowing the interior spaces to influence and transform the corridors into a dynamic experience of varying widths and angles, thus enhancing relationships between programs and departments in a continuous pathway exchange.