Women's Center

Women's Center For Advancement
Omaha, NE
30,000 SF
Completion date
April 2018

The Women's Center for Advancement (WCA) supports victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking. 

With the WCA's goal to provide immediate fulfillment of safety needs, RDG's design team worked to ensure that an individual's journey would take place in an environment that provided dignity, security and comfort. This required a calm, spa-like space for clients that does not feel clinical, yet provides the durability of a healthcare institution and the privacy and security of a safe place. While services provided within the facility remained the top priority, the WCA also wanted to portray a new face to the community in its new location. To accomplish this, a light-handed design strategy was used at the exterior envelope. The existing brick was stained, the original window glazing was replaced to maximize interior daylighting and visual connections to the community and a new entry signage canopy was added. Symbolic of rebirth, touches of reclaimed wood add a modern element to the space. The new facility, three times the size of its predecessor, includes 15 consultation rooms, group activity rooms, education classrooms, support group rooms, a yoga and wellness room and a private client waiting room.