Jennie Edmundson Hospital

Cardiac Cath

Nebraska Methodist Health System
Council Bluffs, NE
Completion date
January 2024

This state-of-the-art cardiovascular suite marks a significant advancement in heart care for Council Bluffs and the broader southwest Iowa region. 

The newly designed suite replaces the hospital's existing outdated and undersized cath labs, and includes two Class 2 imaging rooms, a minor procedure room, four prep/recovery rooms and support spaces. The design prioritizes patient and family experience, with a dedicated family waiting room and user-friendly flow of movement, as well as clear separation between family-access spaces and procedure space. Located between the hospital's emergency room and radiology department, the suite benefits from its adjacency to those departments and to operating rooms and locker rooms that can be accessed if needed. A shared storage room between the two imaging rooms reduces the need to duplicate equipment. Designed to streamline operations, the cath lab will enhance the hospital's ability to perform advanced procedures and manage patient care more effectively.