Nebraska State
Campus Master

Nebraska State College System
Lincoln, NE
3,300,000 SF
Completion date
April 2022

RDG worked with three colleges within the Nebraska State College System: Chadron State, Peru State and Wayne State to develop an individualized Facility Master Plan for each campus. 

RDG worked with three colleges within the Nebraska State College System (NSCS), Chadron State, Peru State and Wayne State to develop separate, individualized Facility Master Plans for each of the campuses. Multi-day, interactive workshops with students, faculty and campus leaders were held on each campus to articulate a future vision for the respective campus. RDG carefully analyzed space utilization, assessed current facilities and evaluated many aspects of campus, including circulation, parking, aesthetics, utilities, information technology, furniture and fixed equipment, campus housing, energy infrastructure, landscaping and more.   

Peru College 

Nestled into the wooded landscape of Southeast Nebraska, Peru State College is a woodland campus, not far from the Missouri River. Home to the "Campus of a Thousand Oaks Arboretum," it is part of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum (NSA) serving as a botanical resource for students, visitors, and residents of Nebraska. Our participatory planning process included a series of workshops or meetings involving members of the steering committee as well as representatives from the State System office, students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. Each workshop looked to gather information from users as well as confirm assumptions and direction as the Master Plan was developed. In addition to these meetings, additional meetings focused on the campus landscape and other site-related items.

Wayne State College

The Wayne State College campus consists of 128 acres, situated in the northeast portion of Nebraska. This Master Plan was a culmination of a nearly yearlong process by Wayne State College, its steering committee, faculty, staff, and students along with the team of RDG and its partners. Our team examined the current campus, its facilities, and the various programs on campus along with each program's current and future space needs as part of an overall utilization analysis of each building on campus. This analysis was a core component of the Master Plan. Another core component included the review of the existing facilities primarily focusing on educational facilities as well as those buildings providing student support including but not limited to student services, residence halls and other student-focused areas. 

Chadron State College

Chadron State College is Nebraska's only four-year institution of higher education in the western half of the state. The campus resides on 263 acres on the edge of Nebraska's unique Pine Ridge landscape. The Chadron State College campus is also part of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. The Master Plan was a culmination of a fact-finding and collaborative process involving various groups and numerous touchpoints, the Master Plan was a collective vision that built consensus amongst campus leadership, allowing it to serve as a common language amongst all at Chadron State. It created a shared vision that will be used to recruit new students, attract top-level faculty, and solicit engagement by new partners as Chadron State looks to continue its growth and maintain its reputation as a leader of post-secondary education in the State of Nebraska.