Iowa State

State of Iowa
Des Moines, IA

RDG coordinated the complex restoration of the interior of the Capitol building, restoring the Senate Chamber to its1886 appearance, and restoring the House Chamber to its appearance following reconstruction after a 1904 fire. 

The Capitol's law library is reconfigured to recall its original designs while incorporating modern safety features. Floors have been removed for structural improvements, all woodwork refinished and scagliola was carefully repaired and restored. A concealed-head fire sprinkler system was introduced throughout the Capitol's spaces. Original gas and electric fixtures were restored and wired to replicate their former effect, with new fixtures introduced to meet the required lighting levels. Financial resources: State funding appropriations. Historic status: This property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic architect (building): Cochrane & Piquenard (1871); Bell & Hackney (1884); Hallet & Rawson (1904) Historic architect (landscape): Jacob Weidenmann (1890): Emmanuel Louis Masquery (1912) 

Interior view of House chamber
Interior view of Law Library