RDG in the Media: FNBO Tower Transformation Featured

November 06, 2023
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Office Snapshots features RDG's design for the transformation of FNBO's workplace.

RDG Planning & Design oversaw the extensive transformation of FNBO Tower and Offices in Omaha, Nebraska. RDG’s goal was to create a flexible, collaborative and wellness-oriented workspace while staying true to the company's branding. The project encompasses 21 floors and 400,000 SF.

RDG's design strategy centers on a carefully curated set of standards, allowing for expedited floor planning and design, which facilitates flexibility and adaptability to evolving work demands. FNBO shifted away from traditional office models, reducing private offices and increasing shared spaces. 

The new interior design emphasizes natural light, wellness and hospitality, with green hues reflecting FNBO's branding and earthy colors connecting the interiors to the natural landscape. The resulting office space is an inviting, competitive workplace that combines aesthetics, functionality and employee well-being.

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Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director