RDG in the Media: Fusion Medical Staffing Featured

February 06, 2024
Interior Design Commercial

Office Snapshots features RDG's design for the medical staffing company's new Omaha, Nebraska office. 

Following substantial growth and marked increased demand for its services, in 2022, Fusion Medical Staffing decided that the time was right to reimagine its workplace. The Omaha-based company engaged RDG Planning & Design in a deeply collaborative process to begin the work of creating an office that would both attract and retain employees in a highly competitive market and also accommodate future growth.

RDG's implementation of flexible workspaces and shared meeting areas within the new 115,000 SF office addresses Fusion's challenges of rapid growth and the integration of remote work in a post-pandemic era. The office layout is strategically planned to accommodate future expansions, allowing for seamless transitions in the use of space as the company's needs evolve. 

Click here to read the full Office Snapshots feature of RDG’s design for Fusion Medical Staffing’s new office space. 

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director