RDG in the Media: Incorporating Safety and Security in Sports Design

February 13, 2023
Architecture Sports

Tom Ohle, AIA speaks with Recreation Management Magazine about how incorporating certain design solutions can support safety and make sure players stay healthy and injury-free.

At their core, sports are supposed to be fun. Spectators want to relax and enjoy their time taking in a game; athletes want to focus on training and practicing to become the best they can be at their sport. But a whole group of people, including designers of the built environment, working behind the scenes to keep spectators safe and help players stay healthy and injury-free. 

There are a number of design considerations that can address spectator security and player safety, explains RDG’s Tom Ohle, AIA. The process starts by meeting with stakeholders who have a vested interest in the security systems for a building and then working to design these spaces so that institutions can gain a comprehensive understanding of all the security elements.

Biometric screening technology, limited building access and reconfigured locker rooms are just a few of the design solutions that can promote safety inside the building; likewise, partnering with landscape architects to review the surrounding landscape and pinpoint areas for enhanced security elements can encourage security outside the building.

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Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director