RDG in the Media: Lighting Design and Application’s “Ask an EP” Asks Shelby Klooster

October 14, 2020
Lighting Design

RDG Lighting Designer Shelby Klooster sat down with LD+A to discuss the profession and her passion for marrying creativity with evolving technology.

Each month, Lighting Design and Application (the official magazine of the Illuminating Engineering Society) sits down with an emerging professional as part of its “Ask an EP” column to explore issues that affect younger lighting professionals and those new to the industry.

For its October issue, the publication interviewed RDG’s Shelby Klooster and discussed what appealed to her about the profession (her constant drive to learn), the challenges she’s encountered (getting out of her own way) and her dream job (good news, she says she’s already found it at RDG).

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director