RDG in the Media: Making an Impact on Campus with Shared Athletic Facilities

February 13, 2023
Architecture Sports

In the latest issue of Athletics Administration Magazine, RDG’s Tom Ohle, AIA shares how a collaborative design model can elevate an institution’s investment, maximize its resources and meet key performance objectives.

The tightening of resources across college campuses and athletics departments has challenged collegiate athletics in unprecedented ways, putting a strain on budgets, fundraising, recruitment and retention. These challenges are further compounded by increasingly fierce competition, as many administrators see their peers building bright, shiny new high-performance sports facilities. These same administrators often wonder how their institution can initiate and complete a project to “keep up with the Joneses” and maintain an edge within an increasingly competitive, but tumultuous landscape.

In his article for the March issue of Athletics Administration Magazine (the official publication of NACDA and its affiliates), RDG’s Tom Ohle, AIA explains that the solution is to bring together training, competition, spectators, recreation, wellness and academic health sciences into a shared holistic facility that can meet the growing, ever-evolving needs of today’s users. Moving away from a make-do model of the past to a model rooted in thorough planning, Ohle says, can result in projects that elevate investment, maximize shared resources and meet key performance objectives.

Click to read Ohle’s full article on synergy and success in the latest issue of Athletics Administration Magazine.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director