RDG in the Media: Murmuration Featured

May 11, 2020
Public Art

The latest issue of CODAworx’s monthly magazine features design and art projects from around the world that drape, dangle and float, filling spaces with beauty and motion.

CODAmagazine’s “Suspended in Space VI,” explores the concept and creation of Murmuration, an art installation inspired by RDG’s collaborative process.

Murmuration, which is housed in RDG’s Des Moines, Iowa office, does just that, floating overhead to recall the way starlings swoop, dive and wheel through the sky together in harmony.

Murmuration in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by John Hansen.

Created by the RDG Art Studio and consisting of over 450 uniquely handmade slip cast forms hung by ultra-thin wire, Murmuration flows from the main lobby area up the stairs into a large open multipurpose collaboration space called “the Exchange” where creatives and clients gather to work on projects together.

Read more about this piece and how it symbolizes RDG’s creative process.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director