RDG in the Media: Nurturing Development Through Community-Centric Design

April 29, 2024
Architecture Education

Learning by Design Magazine features an article co-authored by RDG Architects Ed Buglewicz, AIA, and Molly Haas, AIA, exploring the transformative role of early childhood education in child development.

Early childhood education has emerged as a pivotal point in child development. Science and research have established that this phase in a child’s life is a foundational period that significantly shapes a child’s potential for lifelong learning, health and overall development. As the field of child development evolves, early childhood centers are increasingly recognized as integral institutions for early learning and community development.

Buglewicz and Haas share why these facilities are essential and how designing to integrate education and community engagement enhances the learning experience for children while fostering stronger community connections and support. From rebuilding communities post-pandemic to designing community-integrated centers, these design approaches contribute to the holistic development of individuals and communities.

Designing facilities starts by understanding the diverse needs of various stakeholders in early childhood education: the children, their families and the educators. This multifaceted approach benefits the direct users of these centers and serves as a fulcrum for broader community development and unity. 

Click here to read the full article by Buglewicz and Haas featured in Learning by Design Magazine.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director