RDG in the Media: State Releases Results of First Housing Study in 27 Years

December 28, 2021

RDG worked closely with the State of Kansas to release the results of a statewide housing needs assessment.

Over the past year, RDG assisted Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) and the Office of Rural Prosperity in researching and developing the first statewide housing study in nearly 30 years. The report evaluates current housing needs and growth opportunities, including goals to guide future housing development efforts.

RDG Planning & Design’s analysis included a series of 71 virtual and in-person listening sessions with nearly 1,000 community participants across the state, in addition to meeting with housing stakeholder groups. The statewide survey had more than 4,400 respondents and analyzed census data to develop a comprehensive picture of the housing needs, current resources and growth opportunities for the state of Kansas.

In November, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced the kickoff of the Kansas Housing needs assessment tour. Throughout November and December, KHRC, the Office of Rural Prosperity and members of RDG Planning & Design toured around Kansas conducting regional sessions for members of the community to learn more about the study’s results and how their communities can expand housing opportunities. Regions included: Northeast, Kansas City Metro, Northeast – Atchison, North Central, Western, and South/Southeast.

Kansas Regional Assessment Map

The study revealed key goals to address future housing needs including:

  • Prioritize middle-income housing

  • Diversify housing stock

  • Extend housing security

  • Reinvest in older housing stock, including vacant units

  • Address the building trades labor shortage

  • Extend existing human capital resources

Click to read the full article from Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC).

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director