RDG in the Media: The Changing Landscape of the Traditional Office Environment

August 23, 2023
Interior Design Commercial

Alysia Radicia, NCIDQ speaks with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City about how a post-pandemic world and a younger workforce are impacting the way we design office spaces. 

In a post-pandemic world coupled with a younger workforce, the look of the traditional office is changing as many businesses are either downsizing their space or reconfiguring it to fit a new generation of workers. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City recently sat down with designers, including RDG Partner and Commercial Market Co-Leader Alysia Radicia, NCIDQ to discuss how these changes are transforming the way we design office spaces. 

“Gen Z has very different expectations than baby boomers, Gen Xers and even millennials,” said Radicia “They want more from their workplace than what’s historically been given, and because of how they experience the world, they are not shy about expressing those desires. This younger generation is far more focused on wellness spaces, fitness spaces and social spaces.”

Alysia Radicia, NCIDQ is a partner and co-leads RDG's Commercial Market.

One of the reasons for placing a greater emphasis on social spaces, Radicia said, is to reflect all the amenities people have from working at home. In order to compete with that, companies like Fusion Medical Staffing in West Omaha are putting in extras such as a coffee bar, a golf simulator and a selfie wall to promote office culture. 

Radicia has seen firsthand how the office culture is changing, as an interior designer for the Omaha area. Click here to read the full article and learn more about the changing landscape of the traditional office environment.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director