RDG in the Media: The New World of Multi-Sport Facilities

May 23, 2023
Architecture Sports

Speaking with Recreation Management Magazine, RDG’s Blaine Perau discusses the ways designers are using emerging technologies and data to create smart venues and meet the evolving needs of owners, operators and fans.

Critical to the evolution of modern sports facility design is to holistically include the full user experience and explore revenue-generation opportunities, according to sports facility designers. Even at the high school level, having a modern sports facility can draw regional or statewide tournaments, which have a revenue impact on the community.

Speaking with Recreation Management Magazine, RDG Architect and Partner Blaine Perau, AIA explains that sports and spectator facilities such as arenas and fieldhouses should provide flexibility to hold a wide variety of events, including graduation ceremonies, concerts or even banquets. Multi-functionality is the trend, Perau says, with things like indoor turf, and multipurpose basketball, volleyball and even wrestling gymnasium spaces. In addition to multi-functional spaces, Perau highlights well-integrated branding and spectator comfort and convenience as notable trends within sports facility design.

Click to read the full article in Recreation Management Magazine discussing how designers are collaborating to address the evolving vision for modern sports venues.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director