RDG Recognized for Graphic Arts and Design

December 16, 2019
Experiential Design

Celebrating the best work produced in and around the state, AIGA Nebraska presented RDG with three design awards at the annual SHOW competition. 

AIGA Nebraska, the state’s preeminent professional association for visual design, has recognized RDG Planning & Design with three SHOW awards. SHOW, which is AIGA Nebraska’s annual juried design competition, celebrates the best work produced for projects, clients and organizations by designers in and around Nebraska. RDG was presented a Gold Award for designs for Newman University, and a Bronze Award for illustrations and designs for Kansas State Parks and the University of Iowa – College of Engineering, respectively.

RDG’s graphics package for Newman University brings large, bold and vibrant additions to the interior of the Bishop Gerber Science Center building. Sculpted to appear as though it’s spiraling or emerging from the wall of the foyer, a two-story-tall wooden double helix serves as a visual declaration of science education to building users and passersby alike. Complementing the iconic double helix is the DNA sequencing-inspired donor recognition wall, which displays the names of the building’s contributors and denotes giving levels through a waterfall effect of engraved stained blocks. On both the first and second floor, dual-toned science-focused graphics display the university’s academic colors at each classroom entrance denoting the specific subject taught in that room. 

The firm’s work for Kansas State Parks includes signage and a series of branded elements that help develop a visual identity for twenty-eight state parks. After identifying the unique qualities and signage needs of each park, RDG’s designers developed a concept to differentiate each park through color, time of day, lighting and subject matter. Once implemented, each park will be adorned with modern signage and unique merchandise that speaks to its own distinctive identity.

Located within the University of Iowa College of Engineering, the Penrose Donor Wall celebrates the practice of engineering through a visual design concept inspired by the unifying element of all engineering disciplines: mathematics. RDG’s design for the donor wall layout explores shape tessellations created from mathematical formulas, making use of the Penrose Tile pattern which, when combined with space and scale change, create a dynamic installation meant to inspire future giving to the program.

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Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director