RDG Selected to Develop Omaha Affordable Housing Action Plan

March 03, 2022
Community & Regional Planning

The plan aims to understand existing barriers and opportunities and identify effective strategies that address Omaha, Nebraska’s housing affordability needs.

In February 2022, the City of Omaha officially approved RDG Planning & Design’s contract for the Omaha Affordable Housing Action Plan. The Plan, which will be developed in partnership with the City of Omaha’s Planning Department and M&L Associates, aims to identify effective strategies that address Omaha’s housing affordability needs particularly on quality affordable housing.  

“Though the City of Omaha has been working for many years to address ongoing housing affordability needs, the COVID-19 pandemic brought many housing challenges to the forefront,” said RDG Principal Amy Haase, AICP. “The process of creating Omaha’s Affordable Housing Action Plan will rely on intentional community engagement and outreach so we can fully understand existing barriers and opportunities. From there, we can begin to establish a clear path forward towards creating a housing environment that best meets the needs of our city and its people.”

In addition to developing solutions to address Omaha’s housing affordability needs, the project team will also conduct a comprehensive review of Omaha’s affordable housing data contained in Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, current housing affordability efforts and policies in Omaha, and identify and conduct additional data analysis as needed. The Omaha Affordable Housing Action Plan is estimated to complete in 2022.

Housing is a foundational element of our community as it touches everyone who lives, works and plays in Omaha and we fully recognize how quality housing positively impacts people’s health and well-being,” said City of Omaha Planning Department Director David K. Fanslau. “It’s because of this we are excited to partner with the larger community to develop specific actions to address affordable housing and housing affordability.”

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director