RDG Annouces 2017 Ownership Advancements

July 19, 2017

The firm has welcomed a new class of Principals, Partners and Stockholders from across its multiple disciplines.

RDG Planning & Design is proud to announce three new Principals, seven new Partners and 20 new Stockholders into its ownership. Each spring, the firm celebrates new ownership advancements, recognizing those employees who demonstrate exceptional professionalism and commitment to their craft. The 2017 group represents a mix of individuals working within diverse disciplines whose experience, leadership and passion continually push the firm forward.

The following individuals have been elevated to RDG Principal and join the firm’s leadership team:

  • Scott Crawford, PLA, ASLA is a landscape architect who joined RDG in 2002 and has been instrumental in growing several of the firm’s markets. As a designer, Scott is dedicated to serving the needs of RDG’s clients and is passionate about creating spaces that improve and enhance the health of people, the community, and nature.

  • Amy A. Haase AICP is a community planner with 18 years of experience creating places of meaning for residents of cities across the country. Certified as both a planner and public facilitator, she collaborates with clients and citizens to enrich and improve neighborhoods and communities.

  • G. W. Justin Platts, PLA, ASLA is a landscape architect whose 16-year career has been driven by his aspirations to help people and communities build capacity and create meaning together. He believes a design process that values people will result in a design product that people value.

The following individuals have been elevated to RDG Partner:

  • Doug Adamson, PLA, ASLA | Landscape Architecture

  • Collin R. Barnes, IIDA | Interior Design

  • Catrina Cook | Interior Design

  • Mitch Elliott, AIA | Architecture

  • David L. Heuring, AIA | Architecture

  • Kelley Hoffman | Interior Design

  • Bradley M. Rodenburg, AIA | Architecture

The following individuals have been elevated to RDG Stockholder:

  • Ashley Byars, RA | Architecture

  • Matthew Fors | Architecture

  • Greg Galbreath, AIA | Architecture

  • Sean Gannon | Project Coordination

  • Pedro Garcia | Architecture

  • Brian Halsey, AIA | Architecture

  • Brian Hamilton | Architecture

  • Anne Hundley, PLA, ASLA | Landscape Architecture

  • Greg Jameson | GIS Specialist

  • Tyler Jessen | Architecture

  • Nick Klimek, AICP | Urban Planning

  • Joe Kotulak | Architecture

  • Scott Lundberg, RA | Architecture

  • Jackie Manning | Project Coordination

  • Shelley Osborn | Project Coordination

  • Sean Page, AIA  | Architecture

  • Blaine Perau | Architecture

  • Gregory Pierce, P.E. | Water Resource Engineering

  • Kate Rutledge | Architecture

  • Sarah Skarka | Communications

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director