South 24th Streetscape Recognized as a 2016 "Great Place in America"

October 05, 2016
Community & Regional Planning Public Art

The revitalized South 24th Street celebrates the cross-cultural folk art traditions of the area's major ethnic groups and reflects the festive, nurturing and welcoming background of this historic and culturally unique district.

RDG Planning & Design is proud to announce that the South 24th Streetscape has been recognized by the American Planning Association (APA) as one of its 2016 “Great Places in America.” Each year, the APA recognizes the neighborhoods, streets and public spaces that make communities stronger and bring people together through good planning. Categories within the program are narrowed by Great Neighborhoods, Great Streets and Great Public Spaces, each with its own set of defined characteristics and guidelines for being great. 

The South 24th Streetscape is among 15 locations across the country that were recognized as setting the gold standard for planning and community impact and honored for outstanding people, planning work and places. Located in the South Omaha neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska, the revitalized streetscape is the result of a careful ethnographic and cultural analysis and a series of public input sessions and hands-on workshops with diverse groups from throughout the community. RDG’s revitalization plan expands accessibility and safety along the streetscape and creates a common language and story through integrated public art. 

Elements of the project included road reconfiguration, a mosaic installation and the installation of unique light posts dotting the landscape of one of Omaha’s liveliest neighborhoods. Roadway, parking, and pedestrian-friendly improvements in the area have resulted in a 40 percent increase in parking, a friendlier and safer environment for pedestrians and a calmer and more efficient flow of traffic. Unique artwork, including a sidewalk mosaic and metal Tree of Life sculpture, captures the essence of Czech, Polish, Croat and Mexican heritages – the cultures that built South Omaha.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director