RDG's Dubuque Office is located downtown within the Millwork District. We currently work out of the Schmid Innovation Center (also known as the Caradco Building) within the Start Up Dubuque Co Working Space. Our team is focused on creating dynamic and vibrant spaces, places, and policies of lasting value.

Our people value the many opportunities we have to engage and contribute to our 50+ years of practice. Each effort, no matter its size, benefits the community in which we work. Many devote their time and talent to a range of activities as an expression of gratitude. Organizations that we've had the pleasure of serving include the Iowa Parks Foundation, Bras for the Cause, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, and the YMCA, to name a few...

Being located within a community of businesses, restaurants and retail tenants brings energy and vibrancy to the office space. Working together to create community – in a community space – is directly in line with RDG's core values and mission of “Create Meaning Together".

  • 900 Jackson Street
  • Suite 110
  • Dubuque, IA 52001