Educare of Lincoln

Lincoln, NE

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Architecture Overview:

Providing care for children from birth through school age, Educare of Lincoln will serve the Belmont neighborhood of North Lincoln. The facility will benefit nearly 200 children and blend the best program and design characteristics of other Educare facilities nationwide. The early education rooms are arranged in neighborhoods following continuity of care concepts allowing children to age through the program together. Outdoor play spaces are divided into age-appropriate areas to promote a developmentally correct learning environment. Educare Lincoln derived its design inspiration from the impact natural light has on the crafting of spaces, and from the planned native landscapes at the Belmont Park adjacent to the site.

Graphic Design Overview:

Educare Lincoln is an early childhood development center that will enable faculty and staff to better the growth of children in area and will engage University students and interested professionals for learning and observation. The concept for the discovery wall was inspired by the natural complexity of caverns and textured walls enhanced by light. The wall describes a story which connects the mission of the center and the context of the site. Local diversity is shown by the mix of colors and shapes that combine to create the overall composition. Curving lines grow and shrink, excite and fade to portray a child's journey as they play and discover. Direct daylight shines on the wall through apertures in the roof, creating a pattern of light that enhances the experience of the corridor throughout the day. Flowing lines adorn the exterior glass to visually connect the Educare facility to Belmont Elementary School and reflect the story told within.

Interior Design Overview:

Landscape Architecture Overview:

  • CLIENT: Educare of Lincoln
  • COMPLETE: January 2013
  • SUSTAINABLE: Certified LEED for New Construction v3.0 - Certified
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